Hi everyone I need help chosing where to do my final year Bsc degree I already have the advanced diploma in computing. Granted I have low pass rates and its not impressive at all.

But I could make up for all this slacking off in Final Year if I aim for first class honors.

At this link you are offered a Bsc in Computing and Information Systems from University of Greenwich.
Note its a lot of programming it seems but there is no maths involved.

Academic Programmes | School of Business and Computer Science Limited

Core Courses

Final Project
Development Frameworks & Methods (July Semester)

Electives - Choose 5

Enterprise Web Software Development (January Semester)
Database Engineering (July Semester)
Information Technology Planning (January Semester)
Web Application Development (July Semester)
Information & Content Management (July Semester)
Interaction Design (January Semester)
Programming Frameworks (July Semester)
Application Development for Mobile Devices (January Semester)
Database Management & Administration (January Semester)

And to this link

B.Sc. (Hons) Business Computing | SAM Caribbean Limited

and then course details you will get this

Part 3: London Metropolitan University B.Sc.(Hons) Business Computing

Semester 1

Post Implementation Issues
Database Application Development
Major Project

Semester 2

E-Commerce Applications
Management Support Systems
Advanced Database Systems
Major Project

similarly you can go here

BSc Business Computing (Top-Up) (2013/14) | Course specification and structure |London Metropolitan University

and read up about it. But the one from london met offered to us is a special one with 2 database parts, one thats database application development with Oracle Designer and other is Advanced Database Systems learning SQL etc.

the thing about it is Greenwich university is 1600 pounds and London Met is only 990. London met is a lot more cheaper but the one from Greenwich lets you do a ton more programming and maybe an employer would take you more seriously over others? maybe doing the greenwich will open more doors for me since its so much more difficult?

Or are all these Business IT degrees and either one would work since most Jobs offered locally here in the Caribbean is database anyways because there isn't any industry for computer science down here.

Maybe do the london met and get a Oracle Cert to back it up? I didn't like the name Business Computing Bsc. Sounds inferior to Uni of Greenwich Computing and Information Systems.

I need advice guys the Job market out there is tough. I am often told Experience would beat any degree so in the end either University would be just the same.