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    Unanswered: Restoring an Online Backup with "include logs" option

    Hello folks,

    in our environment we are backuping up several database with the option

    db2 "backup database sample online compress include logs without prompting"

    the db cfg for logpath says -->
    Path to log files = /ibm/db2/home/db2inst1/sample/NODE0000/SQL00010/LOGSTREAM0000/

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    what is the restore command for my backup which has been created like this?

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    You will need to use the LOGTARGET and NEWLOGPATH options in the restore command. See the manual for more information.


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    The "included logs" are a kind of safety net. When you manage your logs normally you will not need those logs included in your backup-image. Only when you are struggling with the log files or you need to restore a very old backup-image you can be very happy those included logs.
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