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    Unanswered: Does DBISQL GUI lock the database table?

    Hello there gents!

    At my place of employment, there is some heat coming from upper management stating that some of the employee's here are running a query on customer database's and leaving the DBISQL GUI open - which "locks the table".

    I'm 99.99% sure that the table is only locked during the execution time of that query (simple queries should be a few milliseconds).

    Please, as SQL masters, tell me if my management is out of it's mind, or is it true, that leaving an inactive instance of DBISQL after a query was performed can lock the table it last queried indefinitely (until DBISQL is closed).

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    You can test this, to be sure. Open 2 DBISQL-sessions, execute a typical query in one and leave the window open. Then execute sp_lock in the other window to see what locks are currently being held.
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