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    Red face Creating ERD Dıagram

    I want to delete it because it is not right to share it on internet i ll all try by myself
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    so a booking can be made by phone, internet (and I guess by other means such as post
    presumabkly you'd need to know who the course attenndee is
    who they work for
    who pays for the course
    have they paid
    where the course is to be held, how many palces there are (and from that the number of places available or sold
    youd probably want to know who has completed the course and got what assessment / accreditation

    anyways before I design the ERD for you, what have you got so far, what have you done, where are you sticking points. after all its your homework

    failing that you could post details of the course who is assessing it and we can cut out the middleman and send the coursework there directly
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