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    help with database concept design

    Hello, I need some help designing my database for a php website.

    I have many main typology that is the application field for example: warrior, mage ecc.

    I have category which can be like: leather object, metal object, ...
    a category can have multiple typology for example, a warrior can wear leather and metal, and a mage can wear leather but not metal.

    Each category have 1 link for show a image of category big and a link for show a category n the menu of a php page. Have a language too to display description in different language too.

    Each category has many product inside. Some category have the same product inside. For example, a warrior can use leather -> leather tunic
    a mage can use leather -> leather tunic,
    So the same product can be of 2 category.

    A product has many model (rear view, front view, color red color black etc)
    some product has a kind of technical chart, while some other product has another kind of tecnhical chart
    e.g. (for a leather armor, don't want width while for a metal armor i want)

    IS it ok? Or i have some concept flaw?
    thank you so much!! my database scheme

    (I add an administrator so it is posible to add or cancel product or category)

    To clarify i have this more or less:

    typologyffice, furniture, outdoor, automotive category:leather, simil-leather, cloth, tyvek product:chair, sofa, umbrella, table, cover, ...

    every product (example) chair can be made JUST of leather and can be used for more than a typology. So every product can belong just to a category but can be used for more than a typology.

    When i choose a typology on my website I want to show the category of that typology (can be shared between typology) then i want to choose a product of that category and see which typology can be used in.
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