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    Unanswered: Question in db2 server and client installation

    Hi all,

    It's possible to install both the db2 Server and db2 client installation in Linux server?

    Note : Already in our setup db2 client (v9.7) is installed and db's cataloged using the port no : 50000, It's allow to install db2 server in the same server? By using the same port no : 50000, Or I have to de-install the client?

    Thanks for your suggestion.


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    with server you also install client by default
    the port you define on client has nothing todo with port used by server on same machine
    the question is not very clear
    what is needed - configured - installed ...
    where is the client connecting to - same machine (you can specify the instance is local ) - remote ?
    many questions ..
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Hi Guy,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Currently db2 client is installed in one of the server and the db's are catalogued through port no: 50000

    Number of entries in the directory = 2

    Node 1 entry:

    Node name = N1
    Comment =
    Directory entry type = LOCAL
    Protocol = TCPIP
    Hostname = XXXXXX
    Service name = 50000

    Database 5 entry:

    Database alias = XXXXX
    Database name = XXXX
    Node name = N1
    Database release level = d.00
    Comment =
    Directory entry type = Remote
    Catalog database partition number = -1
    Alternate server hostname =
    Alternate server port number =

    Datastage user's are connecting this db using the datastage tool.

    I am trying to install db2 server(ESE) in the same server it could allow to install? Or I have to de-install the client from this server?


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    Quote Originally Posted by laxman babu View Post
    have to de-install the client from this server
    Have to? No.
    Would I? Yes.
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