The SSD I/O capacity is around 450MB. When I copy files from one folder to another I can see in the Windows Resource Monitor that the sum of read/write speed gets around 450MB. Why the same wont happen with dbeng9 or dbsrv9, while I am executing a read, transform and insert procedure?

These are the parameters:

"C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 9\x64\dbsrv9.exe" C:\Tributos\Dados\Asa9\Almirante\Integra.db -xtcpip -gl all -c 5000M -cl 5000M -ch 5000M -gp 8K -gb high -gt 4 -cs -n cnv_tributos

The process is not using more than 25% from the cores, so I don't know where it is getting stuck.

I need to use the maximum capacity from the machine, because I work with a ETL (Extract Transform and Load) scenario all day.

Copying Files ->
Procedure Running ->

SSD -> Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB ATA Device