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    Unanswered: Informix 7.31: Unable to add chunks

    Hi guys,

    Current system setup:
    Windows 2003
    Informix 7.31

    I'm running out of space and am trying to add new chunks to my dbspace.
    after adding two chunks, it fails citing
    ISAM ERROR: No free disk space

    My present conclusion is that I have run out of space in the first chunk of my rootdbs and am unable to add any more chunks.

    Assuming I have come to the right conclusion, I need to either expand my rootdbs or recreate rootdbs and move the DB.
    And as I am quite new to this, how do I achieve this?
    I'm running this in a VM so I only have the local file systems at my disposal and no tape drives to speak of.

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    first of all FYI:your version is totally out of support. Your version is 15 years old and you are hitting a lot of limitations.

    Now your scenario and issue description is not clear.
    1) When do you receive the "no free disk space" message? When adding the chunk to your dbspace or during the application use ?

    2) I guess you are may be using rootdbs for your data, which is not a correct practice.

    In any case, we are a bit blind and some clear diagnostic is necessary. This is why I will ask you to provide us with the output of the following command, run under the informix user:
    onstat -d
    This will help us to understand what issue you are hitting


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