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    Unanswered: How to restore a topic from an invision DB backup

    Hi all

    First post here. Thanks for having me in your great forum.

    I'm having a situation, and would appreciate any help.
    I run an invision board forum. During crashes, archiving and unarchiving, many old posts were lost over time.
    Bu one particular member needs her 9 year old topic, to present it to court in a case that's very important for her.

    I've found an old backup of my forum's database (7 years old) so her topic should be there in that backup. But I have no knowledge of mysql, and need help in: how to export a specific topic from that backup, and if possible, restore that topic in the live forum. The topic in the backup had more than a hundred posts, while in the live forum her topic has only 9 posts. How do I get the missing 100 posts back please?

    I'm using cpanel and it has phpmyadmin.

    I appreciate a detailed step by step solution if possible please.
    Many thanks for your time and help.
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