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    l have inherited aa access Frontend (2010 & 2003) running on a Sql Backend.

    The system is currently extremly slow. Can l get expert advise on how to enhance performance. l am new to this concept.
    1 what are the possible areas to check to isolate the problem.

    2. A colleague is advice to activate ODBC connection. How do l check if the system is running on Odbc and how do l activate odbc on both the 2003 & 2010 Frontends.

    3. what is Dsn connection as against ODBC connection.

    4.Another Suggestion is to write stored procedures. Do l have to ammend querries at the client end when stored procedures or Odbc are activated.
    If so what sort of ammendments should l have to make.

    l will appreciate some assistance with how best to deal with above issues.

    4. Finally can you suggest any Materials/books that can help .

    Many Thanks


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    Make sure your database tables are properly indexed, and then try to push as much processing back onto the server as possible.
    When MS Access has to process a query locally, it first has to transfer all the data for all referenced tables over the network. A query processed on the server merely needs to return the answer over the network.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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