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    I am updating a database table which lists sales goals for the year. This table is only updated once a year and lists the goals for the full year while other tables in the database are updated monthly. This goals table was created last year and worked fine in 2013 with no issues. I am now updating it with current reps, numbers, etc for 2014 and and trying to paste it in from excel. This has caused issues so I have even tried typing some of the data in manually (which is taking forever) and am still seeing some issues.

    I have everything formatted in the same order and it pastes fine into Access, but when I click on a form that is pulling data from a query referencing the Goals table, I am running into issues. No data is pulling up and when I click on a dropdown to filter for managers, some are showing up as blank. Some reps have changed in each territory, but the territory numbers are still the same and are some of the columns being referenced so I don't know why they would be causing issues if they are the same territory numbers as 2013. One column in the goals table is formatted as "autonumber" which I haven't used or seen before so I don't know if that has anything to do with it?

    Any advice or help would be great. Thank you!

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    check what queries are running on the form(s) or report(s) that experioenmce the problems you are seeing

    check the data is correct
    look for filters or limits (ferinstnace it could be that th queires are using a where filter tht restricts rows to last year

    it shopudl be easy enough to import your data into Access into a temporary table and then update your 'real' table after filtering out any errors
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