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    Unanswered: Question on restore Sybase database

    Suppose I have a ASE database. the actual size of data is 1 GB. but someone create a device as 5 GB.
    Then I backup this db and want to restore it on another place. I only create device with 2 GB and assign this device to the database.
    Is it possible to restore this db with different Device/segment size from orginal bakcup?
    Also is it possible to reduce device/segment size if its initial size it too big? any performance for this case?

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    Restore size must equal defined size when backup was created. Shrinking ASE DB is not available pre ASE 15.7.

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    Database size has to be the same or bigger.
    So if your device is 5GB but your DB is 1GB you can load it into a 2GB DB.

    If the DB is 5GB the other one for the load has to be 5GB or more.

    To achieve what you want you have to recreate objects and bcp data in, on the other (2GB) DB.

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