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    Unanswered: Function key mappings in telnet session to Universe Application


    Our client uses Termtek terminals to connect to their Universe platform. More terminals needed and we can't get any. The alternative is to get winboxes and run wintegrate or try and get a linux terminal working. Configured xterm with keybindings that I need for the F1-F5 keys. In xterm session these bindings work, however when I connect via telnet to the Universe sessions, they don't. For F1 I get ^[OP. I need EX and return. F2 I need + and return and so forth. I have been trawling the net with not much luck.

    The supplier has set up the universe platform for us to test but only have 10 days before it expires. Hope I can get some help before then

    Thanks in advance


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    wrong forum ?? db2 <> telnet
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    Apologies. I did a scan/search of posts here and some of the posts referred to connections via terminals or like so I thought it would be ok to post here. In case anyone is interested, I managed to figure it out.

    Seems when I telnet, I have to provide octal values for the keys I want. ie ESC is \033, carriage return is \015. So if I use Xterm, the configuration file must have syntax like so:
    <Key>F1: string("\033\015") \n\

    Hope this helps someone.

    Trying to find a way of marking this as solved?

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    No problem about posting your question, and special thanks for also posting the answer!

    I don't know of any way to mark a thread as "answered" using the forum software used by DBForums.

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