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    Unanswered: Difficulty in using Greek characters (Σ) as a name

    I would like to use the Greek character Sigma ('Σ') for indicating a summation column as part of my project. I used the character map on my computer and copied this character to my Brilliant Database program as part of the name of the desired text field. Unfortunately, after clicking on any other field within the form editor, this character quickly reverts from a 'Σ' to a 'S'. I have successfully used other characters from the character map (namely the degree symbol - '') as data in my project and had no problems.

    Ideally, the 'Σ' symbol will appear as a header on an Many-to-Many relational form - the exact name of the heading desired is 'required Σ' (this column carries the summation, of course, of the required number of occurrences). Can I successfully use a Greek character along with regular characters as a name for a heading name? If so, how can I accomplish this?
    Daryl G

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    How frustrating. I've tried and tried this using different idea's and nope, can't do it.


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    Just long shot but as a last resort could you overlay a picture field over heading.
    Should be possible to make a picture using any design program but assume you would have to play with colours, borders fonts etc to blend with m2m header.
    Just tried this in "PAINT" using text "required" and pasted Σ in to a test box. Saved as jpeg and overlayed as image in BD M2M header. Seems to work but you would have to experiment to get match for current header fonts.
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