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    Unanswered: number to string

    Hello everyone. I can use your help in a probably very easy task , but unable for me to understand it.
    I have 2 fields

    field 1 with only numbers "1,2,3 and so on.
    field 2 with only text. " larry, bill, jerry and so on
    what I want to do is when I type the number 1 in field 1
    field 2 auto populate the text larry. 2 populate bill, 3jerry and so on.
    I hope I explained it correctly.

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    i'd store the data in a table
    Table: WordSubstitutes
    ID integer PK
    Substitute Text(50)
    1 Larry
    2 Bill
    3 Jerry

    then write a function called say getSubstitute
    private function getSubstitute(index as integer) as string
    getSubstitute = dlookup("replacement", "WordSubstitutes", "ID = " & index
    end function

    then call that function as required to return the subsitution
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