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    Unanswered: Questions on Backup and Recovery DB2 V9.7

    Hello guys,

    i have a question on this case:

    I have an environment which is backup up daily with online backups and „include logs“ and „compress“ option..

    what exactly happens when I enter the command

    db2 „recover db sample“

    and what happens on db2 „restore database sample“ and „db2 rollforward db sample to end of backup and stop“

    I just don’t want to get the case where a log file is missing.

    i would be happy if someone can explain me that. thank you

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    RECOVER is going to roll forward as far as it can based on existing log files on that server, not just to end of backup. Logs should never be missing from an online backup (to restore to end of backup) since they are now included by default. Someone would have to explicitly exclude them. However, when a restore happens, the logs contained in the backup (if not already on that server in the normal place) would have to directed to the LOGTARGET, and that path must be referenced in the rollforward command for the overflow path.

    When restoring a backup and rolling forward to end of backup, especially on a different server, it is usually best to specify NORETRIEVE option, or in some cases it is possible that a needed log file will be missing.
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