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    Unanswered: listener-thread: err = -25582


    I am experiencing a weird problem on an Informix Instance.
    I noticed that in some days for around 2-3 minutes the Instance "freezes" and when i do
    onstat -m
    i get the following output:
    listener-thread: err = -25582: oserr = 0: errstr = : Network connection is broken.
    2-3 minutes after the beginning of this problem the instance continue to work fine without any intervention from somebody to fix something.
    while the instance is "freezed" i tried to telnet the ip address of the Informix instance on port 22 and there is no problem on that. so i cannot understand why it says about broken network connection if i can connect without problem.
    i am running INFORMIX 11.70.FC2 on an AIX6.1 machine.
    also when i tried to search about the specific error (-25582) i found nothing on the web.
    does anyone have an idea of what is causing this problem?


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    Hi Tuccero,

    -25582 means " Network connection is broken", and it really means it.
    Can you check in your online.log file ( not using onstat -m, but running vi of the value of the onconfig file MSGPATH value )
    and check whether you do not have more occurrences of this error ?
    This error means that you have stability problems in your network

    Else it could be that the very onstat -m command is generating the error for some reason, but let's first check if you have more network error messages in your online.log file

    As a spring day gift (I had to find a reason), I wrote a stupid shell script that daily makes me save hours.

    MSGPATH=`awk ' $1 == "MSGPATH" { print $2 } ' $INFORMIXDIR/etc/$ONCONFIG`
    case $ArgNum in
            vi $MSGPATH -c $
            if [ $1 = "f" ]
                    tail -f $MSGPATH
                    tail -n $1 $MSGPATH
    I called it "msgpath"
    do chmod +x to it
    to run:
    msgpath : opens the correct online.log file and puts the cursor at the end
    msgpath f: executes a tail -f of this file,
    msgpath 200 : tails the 200 last lines of the file

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    hello begooden,

    i do have the same messages more than once thats why its more frustrating.
    i know that the same problem occured before and it can happen again some time. but this not happens every day.
    and also at the time that i get this message "network connection is broken" i am trying to telnet the port of my informix instance and i can connect successfully. thats why i am finding it hard to understand what is the real source of this problem. because if the network was indeed the problem how i can connect successfully?
    also every time that this problem occurs, it happens for 2-4 minutes maximum and then everything is ok without doing something.
    by the way, thanks for the script!

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