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    Unanswered: Setting a virtual session

    I am working on a db using Access (2010) that users will keep track of items for fund raisers. When a user enters the system, I would like to use a drop down using info from a table called [Event] that would set the entire session to that specific fundraiser using a field called [Event_ID].

    This would allow entries for a specific fundraiser (several held throughout the year) and leverage some existing entries. The user, once selecting an open event from a dropdown would only see records related to that specific event and any new entries would have that session event ID.

    I have all of my tables normalized but I am a little rusty with Access and how it handles global variables. I am seeking how best to capture and store this global event variable throughout a session. At this point, the user would have to exit the database to change the event. I will add an administrator module later.

    Any general suggestions for structural design and coding would be appreciated.

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    global variables are rarely a good idea
    but you could decalre a public module and have a pubkic varaiable there which stores the event id

    OR probably a better bet request the event id on a form, then hide the form but leave it loaded but probably not visible
    yiou can then retrieve the value from that form using forms!mycontrolname!value
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    I decided to go the hidden form route. Thanks. I am now trying to customize form captions based on information from a field in the hidden form called E_Title. On load of every form, I would like to change the current of each form to [current caption]+[E_Title] so it will display for example: Item-Fall Festival, Attendee-Fall Festival, .... Once the session is finished, the name of the form would revert to its original name "Item". Below is what I have started in a rough conceptual form without any idea of its plausibility.

    Private Sub caption_set()
    Dim Mevent As String
    Dim CaptionVal As String
    Mevent = [Forms]![Event_Set]![E_Title]
    ' The value title of the event filtered for each session contained in the hidden form.
    CaptionVal = Me.Caption
    ' obtain the current value of the caption before modifying
    Me.Caption = CaptionVal + " - " + Mevent
    ' concatenate the old caption with the session event in use and make it the active caption but just for this session.
    End Sub

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