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    Unanswered: Incremental Backup and size

    Linux - RHEL 6.5 - MySQL 5.5

    Hi All,
    I am very new to MySQL and trying to get backups working. I have taken over this from some one who left and I am SQL Server and DB2 DBA but not MySQL DBA.

    I am not sure how backups are done but I got some things working. I have a ~75GB database. I am doing backup with "meb-3.9" and mysqlbackup command. The full backup I have is fine. We are doing this in our DEV and Stage which is fine but for production, we need a weekly full, daily incremental and what ever else is needed to be able to recover to a point-in-time. I have inserted "log-bin=/backup/databases/scrmps/logs/binlog_files" into my.cnf file (Is this the only requirement ?) then I have restarted MySQL.
    Now, I can only backup with "--incremental-base=history:last_backup" command (Without history:Last_backup it fails). Here is my incremental backup command:

    mysqlbackup --incremental --host= --port=6617 --protocol=tcp --user=mysqlbackup --password=somepassword --with-timestamp --incremental-backup-dir=/backup/databases/scrmps/incr --incremental-base=history:last_backup backup

    I have done a full backup (~73GB) and right after that I created a incremental backup with the above command and it created ~27GB incremental backup. My question is why or what I am doing wrong ?. After the full backup, there were no changes to the database that would create ~27GB incremental backup.

    What is the best way to setup a Full and Incremental backups for a production database ? What changes needed ?.

    If some one give me a basic steps, I would appreciate it rather than giving me links to go and hammer it out. I have been in MySQL links and it is too spread out with including bugs and stuff..........................Thanks for any help.

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    I will answer to my own question. The incremental backup is backing up the .frm files only. SInce there were no changes to INNODB table files, it did not backup any of it. SO my question is, would it be ok, if I only do a full backup weekly and do differential backups only on INNODB tables that are changed and no backup of .frm files as long as there were no changes to table definitions ?

    Do the .frm files also change when transactions going on even though we make no changes to table definitions ?

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