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    I have an issue I need help with. I have a form that runs a query and displays how many of each device type[computer, monitor, switch etc] I currently have AVAILABLE (where STATUS = 'AVAILABLE'). I placed a textbox and a command button on the form. I want the user to enter a number (e.g 5) and when they click the command button, it should select the top n (5 in the example) of each device type (5 computers, 5 monitors, 5 switches etc) and changed the STATUS to 'NOT AVAILABLE'. Then display the devices selected. How can I accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

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    use the TOP predicate
    use a GROUP BY clause
    to get your data

    then in your command button to issue an UPDATE query which sets those items to not vailable
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    Select top N

    Am not sure the GROUP BY works in this case. The data being selected is from different tables with different attributes and no relationships.

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