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    Unanswered: Sql loader ctl file

    Hi I have a problem with importing data into multiple tables. Anybody can help me with writing to the control file that import from CSV into multiple tables.

    lets say I want column 1,2,3 from EXCEL CSV into table employee and table 4,5,7 into table employee_info.

    Please help me

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    import the whole excel file into the db
    then using a select into query/queries move the data from that one tabe

    OR write a process that inserts data as required into what ever tables using say PHP or whatever scripting/front end tool you have available

    OR use a tool HeidiSQL

    OR see if there are Orcale equivalents of PHPmySQLAdmin or dbImport
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    >Hi I have a problem with importing data into multiple tables.
    does the data file reside on the DB Server system?
    If so, then use EXTERNAL TABLE instead of SQL*Loader
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