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    Unanswered: Proper using of workgroup administrator in MS Access 2007

    Greetings. I am working on customer management system. I need three things to be done :

    > typical login verificatication on getting logged in
    >different permissions for different users
    >user activity tracking

    I had used this one How to use the Workgroup Administrator utility in Access 2007 but still there as i don't know how to connect my database with system default or my own created workgroup file. And how to use it for above mentioned tasks. Please let me know any significant method or the required codes or code links for this

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    either join all users copies of Access to a specific workgroup
    palce the db on each users desktop and oipen the MDB with a command line switch whichn specifies what workgroup to use. if you use this approach alwasy test on startup to make certain that you are using the correct workgroup... that can be as simple as check for a specific user/usergroup
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