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    Unanswered: Check is text is in table

    I have a database for sheep and have a form to add new lamb I want the user to add code for each lamb I want to make sure it is not already in the table if it is goto that record

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    so first off
    make certain the tag is the primary key for the sheep table (so no duplicates can be entered.. but that does mean that you can only enter a sheep once a tag has been defined outside the system and allocated to a sheep

    then it comes down to your form design, and that means placing some code behind the form to take various actions

    what I suspect you are going to need is to put some code behind the control that contains the sheep tag / Stock No. put it in the controls in update event

    that probably needs to be a dlookup

    if the row already exists then you need to cancel the current add new record and display the correct row.

    im not too sure how you'd cancel the current add new record though
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    The form is a unbound form and I have a button which runs a update query to put the information into the table.

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