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    Question Unanswered: Buttom/Combo Box To List Queries in Access Runtime

    I was wondering if someone could help.
    We currently have an Access 2007 database, which has a number of reports and forms contained with in. Full blown Access 2007 users get a Navigation pane (see attachments) on the left of the 'front screen' where if the expand it, lists a number (30+) of pre-prepared queries. We need to deploy this database to a number of other users, and would like to use MS Access Runtime, as 99% of the functionality we need is available, and it's free vs 400+ for full blown access! However the Navigation bar isn't available in Access Runtime, so I'd like to add a button or combo box to the fornt screen, which would list all the queries available, and allow Access Runtime users to select then run them.

    Is this possible? Does anyone have the code? I've had a quick look online, and seen a few posts with similar questions, but I can't seem to get them to work. Not sure if its because the posts are for a newer version of Access (we're using 2007), or if I'm getting something wrong! My Access programmming is quite basic, I'm usually more a PHP & VBScript person.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Think I have this solved;

    Set row source to:

    SELECT [Name] FROM MsysObjects
    WHERE (([Type] = 5) AND ([Name] Not Like "~*") AND ([Name] Not Like "MSys*"))
    ORDER BY [Name];
    Then set DoubleClick action to:

    DoCmd.OpenQuery Me.ListBoxName

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