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    Unanswered: Parameter prompt on query trying to retrieve most current record

    I have got the following query to retrieve the most current rate for a unique id (returns the onshore_adder amount for a particular personnel_no based on on the latest weekending date for that record):-

    select distinct t1.personnel_no, t1.performer_name, t1.onshore_adder, t1.week_ending
    from expense_adders t1
    inner join  
    (		select personnel_no, max(week_ending) as max_week_ending
    		from 	expense_adders
    		group by personnel_no
    	) t2
    on  	t1.personnel_no = t2.personnel_no
    and 	t1.week_ending = t2.max_week_ending
    However, when I run it I am being prompted for parameter for personnel_no and then again for t1.personnel_no.

    If I just enter 1 for both parameters I get the right results for performer_name, onshore_adder & weekending date but obviously the personnel_no is all shown as "1".

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    that message means the SQL runtime cannot work out what the specified column name is
    usually thats down to a typo or missing column name.

    in this case I suspect
    ....from expense_adders t1
    should read
    ....from expense_adders as t1
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    it's ok - solved

    I had two underscores in field name personnel__no by mistake

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