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    Unanswered: Archive Strategy on DB2


    I have the following version of DB2 database:

    Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.7.0.8", "s130316", "IP23433", and Fix Pack
    Product is installed at "/opt/ibm/db2/V9.7".

    Product name: "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
    License type: "Restricted"
    Expiry date: "Permanent"
    Product identifier: "db2ese"
    Version information: "9.7"
    DB2 Storage Optimization: "Not licensed"

    Product name: "DB2 Connect Server"
    Expiry date: "Expired"
    Product identifier: "db2consv"
    Version information: "9.7"
    Concurrent connect user policy: "Disabled"
    Enforcement policy: "Soft Stop"

    My problem is one of disk space the location designated by the LOGARCHMETH1 paremeter is filling up.

    The database itself is in a HADR pair with another database (at the same level and license).

    What is the method employed by other users of DB2 to manage the archive logs.

    I have tried using the "db2 prune prior to " command but this seemingly does nothing.

    Another useful bit of information is that LOGRETAIN and USEREXIT are both set to off.

    [db2inst1@centws01 NODE0000]$ db2 get db cfg | grep LOGRETAIN
    Log retain for recovery enabled (LOGRETAIN) = OFF
    [db2inst1@centws01 NODE0000]$ db2 get db cfg | grep USER
    User exit for logging enabled (USEREXIT) = OFF
    [db2inst1@centws01 NODE0000]$

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Auto deletion of recovery objects

    You can update AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ to ON and define retention using REC_HIS_RETENTN and NUM_DB_BACKUPS db parameters.

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    Hi jumshoos,

    Is that not the same as the

    "db2 prune history 20131005 and delete"


    If I wanted to delete log files before and up till the 5th October 2013.

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    If you set the auto_del_rec_obj database configuration parameter to ON, calling PRUNE HISTORY with the AND DELETE parameter will also physically delete backup images and load copy images if their history file entry is pruned

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    The current HADR systems I support archive the logs directly to TSM. We have configured TSM so we can access the archived logs / backups from both sides of the HADR pair. After you archive logs are you backing them up to another location for recovery purposes? As I am sure you now you should not delete archived logs until you have either backed them up to another location or are 100% sure you will never need them for recovery.

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