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    Unanswered: Suggestion for database design

    I need suggestion on designing the database.

    My requirement is Processing 2 million records using batch process.

    Table Name: Workarea_tmp
    col1,col2,col3 : BLOB
    Status_Cd: Varchar2(10);

    First Process will insert values for Request_NO, col1 and status as "Start"

    Second Process will update the Col2 with BLOB (PDF DATA)then update the status as "Formatted" ;

    Third Process will update the Col3 with BLOB (PDF) then update the status as
    "Generated" ;

    Then the Col3 value has to be fetched for the given request NO ;

    Update the status as "Completed";

    Once the status is completed the records are no more needed in the table;

    The Completed records has to be archived in another table;

    Can anyone Please suggest me to design the database to process this 2 million records that too with BLOB Datatypes (the size in the column would be 200 to 1000 KB).

    Also please suggest me will it enhance the performance if we delete the "completed" records from the table;

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    design to Third Normal Form

    In a well designed application records that are rarely or never selected, should not have a negative impact on performance (assuming you can avoid Full Table Scans).
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