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    Unanswered: DB2 - compress the specific column of a table


    There is a requirement where I am archiving my application output in the database. The data is being stored in the table with the primary key and this key will be used by many other applications to fetch the data for reuse.

    Now I know that with the release of db2 9.7, we have the capability of compressing the entire table but I dont want to compress the data which is there in my primary key column(select operations by other apps would be impacted due to this, my thoughts).

    So is there a way, to compress the specific column of a table and not the entire table ?

    Appreciate your help !!

    Please guide me to the correct thread if this found to be duplicate one... Apologies in such case...

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    You cannot compress individual columns -- only the entire table. If you are concerned by the lookup performance (which, in my view, you should only start being after you test the complete application performance) you have an option of not compressing indexes on the table.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Out of curiosity why don't you want to compress all the columns and the indexes? I have compressed lots of systems and have had excellent performance. Normally my applications are I/O bound and the compression really helps, the CPU overhead has been negligible (less than 3%).

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