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    Unanswered: Query Errors

    I built a query that ask a question in the criteria [what ISSUE?] the field is Issue somehow when I run it it tells me this " This expression is typed incorrectly, or is too complex to be evaluated. for example, a numeric expression may contain too may complicated elements. Try simplifying the expression by assigning parts of the expressioon to variables. This Field is a combo box that has a check box and allows you to select more than 1 selection for that specific field.

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    ? when using [what ISSUE?] in a query it knows nothign of combo boxes or other controls. you are querying the db not the contol. so whether the combo is nulti select or not is irrelevant.

    but if you are using a combo box does that mean you want to use the selectged items from the combo box as a filter / part of the query?

    as to why you are gettign the message you are I suspedct it could be the datatyupe is wrong, if its text its not delimited.

    what value are you trying to use?
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    Red face value for DB error

    Please see attached pictures
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