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    Unanswered: Automated Reporting Database that draws from Two Other Host Databases

    Hello everyone--

    Brand new to this forum.

    I work at a company with a department that handles customer emails and phone calls.

    Many of the business KPIs rely on data pulled from these two separate databases (the phone call details database and the email details database).

    These are both MySQL databases on separate hosts.

    I'm pretty good at query writing in SQL, but terrible when it comes to API things like this (if this even is an API issue).

    Anyway, I call me a rookie at this, but how exactly do I set up a reporting database so that it automatically draws data from these two other databases? This process would probably only need to be done once a day (but two or three times a day wouldn't hurt either).

    I don't know where to begin with a problem like this, to be honest.

    Would various SQL clients (HeidiSQL, Workbench) have built in processes to have Database C draw from Databases A and B on different hosts?

    Or would a script in Python/ Perl/ Ruby or another application need to be used to carry out this process?

    Any help much appreciated!

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    MySQL's FEDERATED TABLE sounds like just what you need!

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