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    Unanswered: Crystal Report-Page Break and continuing Text

    Hello all,

    i'm working on a crystal report but my challenge is the Text box. I'm trying to add a page break or something like that at the end of the page so when the text written exceeds the text box limit on page 1, it will send the rest to the next page.
    The problem i have, when the continuing text exceed that page, the rest goes hiding (it is still there, but it doesn't continue on to the next page.
    Perhaps the text object box option is not the best solution.
    for example i have :
    Name: *this will be pulled automatically"
    Analysis: (this is where the user can enter stuffs, but it can be a page long)

    I tried:
    Right-click the Text Object > Format Text > Uncheck 'Keep Object Together'. i tried can grow also.
    I tried to enlarge the box until it reached the 2nd page.

    using crystal 10

    Please, any advice will be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    anyone has any ideas?

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