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    Unanswered: ORA-12541: TNS:no listener

    Hello Everyone,

    Randomly client could not connect to the DB, it throws the ORA-12541: TNS:no listener error. below is logged in the trace file. any help will be appreciated.

    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] nttcni: TCP Connect TO enabled. Switching to NB
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] nttctl: entry
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] nttctl: Setting connection into non-blocking mode
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] nttcni: trying to connect to socket 524.
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] ntt2err: entry
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] ntt2err: exit
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] ntctst: size of NTTEST list is 1 - not calling poll
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:55:125] sntseltst: Testing for WRITE on socket 524
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:031] sntseltst: FOUND: write request on socket 524
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:031] ntt2err: entry
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:031] ntt2err: soc 524 error - operation=1, ntresnt[0]=511, ntresnt[1]=61, ntresnt[2]=0
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nserror: nsres: id=0, op=65, ns=12541, ns2=12560; nt[0]=511, nt[1]=61, nt[2]=0; ora[0]=0, ora[1]=0, ora[2]=0
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nsopen: unable to open transport
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nscall: error exit
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: error from nscall
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: ns main err code: 12541
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: ns (2) err code: 12560
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: nt main err code: 511
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: nt (2) err code: 61
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] nioqper: nt OS err code: 0
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niomapnserror: entry
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niqme: entry
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niqme: reporting NS-12541 error as ORA-12541
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niqme: exit
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niomapnserror: exit
    [21-MAR-2014 09:40:56:140] niotns: Couldn't connect, returning 12541

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    when was last time this worked without error?
    what changed since then?

    12541, 00000, "TNS:no listener"
    // *Cause: The connection request could not be completed because the listener is not running.
    // *Action: Ensure that the supplied destination address matches one of
    // the addresses used by the listener - compare the TNSNAMES.ORA entry with
    // the appropriate LISTENER.ORA file (or TNSNAV.ORA if the connection is to
    // go by way of an Interchange). Start the listener on the remote machine.
    This error can result when listener has not been started or Firewall exists between client & DB server.
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