Hi. I am going ask right up front for patience and understanding. I really know very little about what I am going to ask. Our office has an Access database for real estate sales (past and current), we recently switched from (brace yourself) Windows 03 to the new 2010 system and server. I am the office manager and we do have an IT person contracted, however, we have had the system for 3 months now and still cannot make the Access database we used in the 03 system to work in the 2010 system. I am looking for any suggestions, ideas, anything that may help me get our IT person the ability to make the database work in the new system. The new system does not have an Access database program, is there another software that is compatible with it which we could install or download to put this data base in and use? I should also mention that the database is in a shared drive so it can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Again I apologize if I am too vague but I really am just trying to save my stress because my boss knows absolutely NOTHING about the simplest computer things and believes I should just be able to open a screen and type GO to make this switch over happen. Thank you for anything, anyone has to offer.