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    Red face Unanswered: Cannot add record

    I have returned to a Access 2003 database after many years of not using it, and am a complete Access novice.

    The database form I use to enter data works from one main table, and two other simple tables.

    When I click on new record, it will not allow me to enter any data in the blank fields and just beeps at me.

    I have look at the form properties, and Allow Edits, Deletions and Additions are all set as Yes.

    There are no queries used on the form, just tables.

    Any thoughts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mkjsmith View Post

    ...The database from one main table, and two other simple tables...

    ...There are no queries used on the form, just tables....
    Sorry, but the above statements are mutually exclusive! If the fields on your form come from multiple tables it is based on a query! You may not have sat down and designed a query, but one of the Access Wizards has done this, using the fields you've selected from the multiple tables. If you go to the Data Tab on the Properties Pane, for the Form, and look at the RecordSource, you should see a SQL Statement for the Query. Most multi-table queries are Read-Only, as yours apparently is.

    Are your tables in a one-to-many relationship? The usual workaround is to use a main form for your one side of the relationship and a subform for each of the many-side tables, joined by a common field that is the Primary Key in the main table and a Foreign Key in the many-side tables.

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    Hope this helps!

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