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    Unanswered: camera snapshots

    I wonder if anyone out there can help.I am new to access and VB, and I am attempting a project for my shop.

    I have a customer database for customers, that includes all contact details , and wish to add a photo from a web cam I have installed on my computer.
    I have create a database linked to the customer database linked via a custref number but have run into a brick wall as to how to get the web cam to snapshot a picture of the client and save it into the photo database.

    I have spent hours searching the web with various success but in general no success.

    Again any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated , as Im pulling my hair out at this stage

    thanks in advance


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    For several reasons, it's not recommended to store pictures in an Access database. Usually, you store the picture files in a folder and you store the names of these files (as Text or as Hyperlink) into the database.
    Have a nice day!

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