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    Unanswered: Multi Task Command Button

    Hi Everyone here

    I am creating a small database to record payments. Wish some kind souls here can help me solve what i need to

    achieve. Thank you all in advance.

    There are three tables :

    Supplier - tblSupplier
    Payments - tblPayments
    Invoice - tblInvoice

    There are two Forms :

    frmPayments (Bound to tblPayments) - Main Form for payment entry.
    frmInvoice Sub (Bound to tblInvoice) - Sub form to display not paid invoices.

    What i need is a Command button , lets named it "Commit", to perform a few tasks :

    1. When click, prompt message asking whether to Save current payment record when all relevant input is

    completed during data entry.
    2. If Answer is "Yes", then it will compare the "Invoice No" on the Main Form with the "Invoice No" of the Sub

    Form , and if found to match, then put a tick in the "Yes/No" field of Invoice Table (tblInvoice) against the

    matching "Invoice No" of Main Form. This is to record payments made to this particular Invoice in Invoice

    3. Proceed to save current record, Refresh Main Form to be ready for a new data entry.
    4.If Answer is "No", discard all current entries in the Main Form, Refresh to be ready for a new data entry.

    Hope the description is understandable and a sample DB is attached.

    Thank you all.
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    Need to close this post as i have found my own solution, thank you.

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