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    Unanswered: Table relationships

    I don't know how to make a relations between tables on that way that allow me to make form with subfom (like on picture).
    I need to make a form with subform so when put ID INSPECTION in textbox and choose ID TYPE OF INSP from combobox, subform update with all request for that ID TYPE OF INSP after I can put data into RESULT OF REQUEST field.
    Any suggestion or maybe link to similar tread?
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    maybe I didn't make myself clear,I need a form with continuos subform, so that continuos subform filter based on combobox choice in main form,after filtering I can fill textbox (RESULT OF REQUEST)....

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    the presentation has nothing to do with the definition of relationships

    theres seevreal differnt types of relationships in data modelling
    one to one (relatively rare in the wild and usually implemented for security, performance or workarounds imposed by the db platform)
    one to many (most common), the so called parent to child relationship where, ferinstance, you may have a sales order with details of sales (ie the products sold) in a sub table linked to the sales using thge sales number as a PK/FK
    many to may (quite common in modellign, but less so int he real world as most db's don't support the relationship directly, its often implemented as an intersection table, effectivley a one to many realtionship, but with two or more tables actungs as parent tables and ione table that contains the association /intersection of those parent tables.

    however if the problem,k is purely visual interface then that depends on how you define the link between the forms. normally that would follow a relationship as defined between the tables
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    Thanks for that explanation healdem, I have attach my database, made relations between table but don't know how to make form containing main form and subform...

    main form..........................

    ID_INSPECTION textbox (tbl_inspections)
    ID_TYPE_INSP combobox (tbl_inspections)
    DATUM textbox ( tbl_inspections)
    ID_OPERATOR textbox (tbl_inspections)

    (continuos) subform............................


    (where ID_CATEGORY and NAME OF REQUEST are fields from tbl_request, RESULT OF REQUEST is field from tbl_result_of_inspection)

    so when I choose value from combobox ID_TYPE_INSP subform filter a list of all ID_CATEGORY and NAME OF REQUEST belong to that ID_TYPE_INSP, after that I just fill RESULT OF REQUEST for each listed record

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