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    Question Beginners Normalisation 3NF

    Hi there guys,

    I am new to database normalisation and I have been given a couple of exercises to do at home to try and help me to self learn it myself. I am currently stuck on the last exercise even though I am following the normalisation rules. It is a sample database of a company that rents games. I have included an example of it below.

    TransactionNo GameNo GameTitle DateReleased RentBeginning DaysRented DailyRent() GameCatergory CatergoryName

    1872 713 Halo3 2 07/11/2013 23/03/2013 2 1.50 S Shooter

    I would really appreciate it if someone could show me how to put this into 3NF. I get confused at 1NF.

    Thank You

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    I'd suggest that you start here. That's been my "go to" for explaining database normalization for at least 25 years, and at least so far it is the best that I've seen!

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