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    Unanswered: Table Locks during SELECT


    I would like to know when the Sybase IQ db is running with insert/update statements, whether the table gets locked when a SELECT query is executed??
    If so, how the same can be resolved.


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    When a select is done, a shared lock is placed. That means another shared lock / select can be done at the same time ( = two or more selects at the same time). An insert/delete requires an exclusive lock. Once an exclusive lock has been placed, there cannot be placed another exclusive, or a shared lock.
    When a shared lock has been placed, you have to wait for that process to finish before you can place an exclusive lock, for an insert/delete.

    You can use different locking schemes to prevent needless locking/waiting: allpages, datapages, datarows. You can find in depth information about these locking schemes in the online documentation.
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