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    Unanswered: DB2 installation crashes

    I am getting ready to move our DB2 9.7FP7 Workgroup from a Windows 2008 R2 over to a new server and DB2 9.7FP9. The new environment (handed to me by the server management guys) is a Hyper-V Windows 2012 R2.

    However, DB2 installation crashes consistently on the new server. In the DB2 log, all prior return values are 0 or 1, so I assume the problem to be entirely within the section below, which is just before the end of the log:

    Action 10:14:55: ValidatePanelCA.
    Action start 10:14:55: ValidatePanelCA.
    Action ended 10:14:55: ValidatePanelCA. Return value 3.
    DEBUG: Error 2896: Executing action ValidatePanelCA failed.
    Internal Error 2896. ValidatePanelCA
    Action ended 10:14:55: InstallWelcome. Return value 3.
    Action 10:14:55: SetupCompleteError.

    DEP & UAC are both disabled. I have disabled the antivirus software, but all to no avail. I have successfully installed the same product on another Hyper-V Windows 2012 (non-R2) server. Is there an issue with DB2 on Windows 2012 R2, or in the R2 Hyper-V environment?

    Is there a way to enable verbose logging for the installation attempt, and if so, is it likely to help reveal/identify the problem?

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    Not R2-compatible

    Well, now I confirmed with my local DB2 gurus that DB2 is not Windows 2012 R2 compatible. I noticed the omission of any mention of R2 in IBM's compatibility matrix earlier, but in the absence of an explicit "not R2 compatible" just had to make sure.

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    V97 Fixpack 9? Are you sure? Did you read this: ?
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    I have some systems running on Windows 2008 R2 (works but definitely prefer AIX and Linux), interesting it is not compatible with 2012 yet. I see that DB2 10.5 does not list 2012 R2 as well, good to know.

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    My colleague found a solution. He creates a response file on a physical server and uses it on the virtual server to install DB2.

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