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    Unanswered: order of tables in from

    Does the order of tables in the FROM clause matter to db2? If I have:

    from t1, t2, t3
    where .....

    Does db2 access t1, then t2, and t3?

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    There isn't any guaranteed connection between the order in which you list the tables in the FROM clause and the order in which the execution plan will access those tables. One of the things that a database does far better than any human I've met is to organize and manage the data that is in the database... It keeps track of what is where, and figures out how to connect those pieces to get you the information that you want/need as efficiently as it can.

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    Many years ago, you could influence an access with the order of tables in the FROM clause. It is not supposed to any longer. If you do find a query that just by reordering the tables in the FROM clause gets you a different access path the Optimizer team would be very interested in seeing it.

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