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    Question Unanswered: Big icon display in tool bar

    Dear BDB Users
    How to get big icon display in the toolbar. Currently whatever the big icon we import the icon shows a standard size display. Even increasing the fint size of the tool does not help.
    Any working example?

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    Sadly we can't resize the icons on the Tool bar.
    From a design point of view can you embed your icons into the design of your forms ?

    What I find looks nice is that if you use Image Fields and you populate them with icons and then make the image field read only, you can enable run script on left click to give the icon the exact same functions you would to any button.

    For example, see attached photo.

    If you right click on your form and set it as default, then each time the user adds a new record it will automatically be populated with the Icons.

    I know it's not what your looking for, but it is a way to get your form to have big buttons that look modern.

    For databases I write for Touch Screen users, I do this a lot.

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    That feature was one of my request to Developers since v9.42 but nothing happen so far.

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