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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Does the Log_buffer has maximum Limit?

    Dear all,

    Am using Oracle 10gR2 on Win2003 platform.

    I wanted to know whether there is a maximum limit for Log_buffer parameter.

    I noticed upon monitoring database that,

    'redo log space requests' and 'redo buffer allocation retries' Values are above 1500 and this affects performance.

    Upon searches, I got the advice to increase the log_buffer value.

    I issued the command 'alter system set log_buffer=83886080 scope=spfile;'

    to increase it from 60MB to 80MB. Howerver, upon bouncing the database, the
    show parameter log_buffer is still showing the old value that existed.

    I have repeated this above action for three times but there is not change.

    I would therefore like to find out whether there is a maximum limit value for the log_buffer parameter.

    Your views are most welcome.

    Fo Kwame.

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    when all else fails Read The Fine Manual YOURSELF!
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    Quote Originally Posted by anacedent View Post
    when all else fails Read The Fine Manual YOURSELF!

    The information about the max. size of the buffer is not contained in the 10.2 manual (which is the version that FoKwame is uing)
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    The document clarified the issue for me. The Win OS 32 bit has a limit of 64MB.

    Am most grateful

    Fo Kwame

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