Hi all,

First of all, hello everyone!! I am new around here and could really use some help if anyone is feeling generous? I am struggling with IF statements and time values. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

Background info:
In my industry the times we work change every day (days, nights, anything goes!) depending on our schedule. Every employee is required to have a minimum 10 hours off. If they do not get this, we need to record it on the time sheets (which are managed in excel).

I would like to have the phrase "Broken Turn Around" show up automatically in a notes field if they have had less than a 10 hour break.

Here is how I am currently doing it (example from Tuesdays time sheet):

=IF(((24-$'MONDAY'.D12)+C12)>=10;" ";"Broken Turn Around")

The problem is, it only works if I enter the times in as decimals (06.75 for 6.45am) and payroll want it as 24 hour time. I have tried several ways with time formatting, however I cannot get a result. Is there a good way to do this? Unfortunately I am not as sharp with excel as I would like to be. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!!