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Thread: Min/Max DAX

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    Unanswered: Min/Max DAX

    Hello all,

    I am having a problem with calculating a Min and Max. The scenario is as follows.

    I have a column SKU and a column Price. I only want to get a Min and Max value if the SKU column has a value. The reason for this is because the data I am working with has shipping costs as a value in the Price column, but doesn't have an value in the SKU column.

    Clearly, I don't want to include these shipping costs as a min or max because I only want to include products in the Min/Max.

    Does anyone know how I can structure a DAX to accomplish this?

    Thank you!

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    I found the solution.

    I used the following =CALCULATE(MAX([Price]),FILTER('All Consolidated',[Quantity]>0))

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    Array Formula

    Try This


    Where E9:E27 is the SKU range and F9:F27 is the Column Price range

    The curly brackets at the start and finish to denote an array formula are put there by using Control+Shift+Enter, you cannot just type them in.
    so type


    and then while the cursor is still in the formual bar press Control+Shift+Enter

    Hope this helps

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