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    Unanswered: prohibit front end-user from changing back-end unless using a form

    I setup a database. I split the database into a front-end and back-end. In the front-end I created a form with some VBA code that updates the back-end by clicking a button. Basically, I have a front end user that receives a paper report, which they then input into the form and click a button that will append the report to a back-end database.

    Now I only want the front-end user to update the back-end by using the form but on the front-end version there is a table that is linked to the back-end and any changes made to the linked table also happen in the back-end. I want to make it so that the only way a front-end user can change the back-end is through the form. What is the best way to approach this? I do not want to just hide the linked table as this is more of a band-aide approach than a solution.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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    deploy the application as an encrypted db (mde or accde), BUT keep the MDb/ACCDB so you cna make chanegs to trhe applications

    in the MDE/AACCDE your users can only see what they are allowed to see
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