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    Unanswered: Audit Trail In ORACLE 11G

    Hello All,

    We're migrating a SQL Server database to ORACLE 11G.

    I have a question about Flash Recovery/Total Recall.

    The current SQL Server system has an Audit Trail that works just fine:

    1) Triggers make entries for the Inserts/Updates/Deletes.
    2) The data has been accumulating for 10 years (good).
    3) The total amount of data storage for the Audit Trail is of no concern.
    4) The users can access the history tables very easily using MS Access.
    5) The Audit History is constantly consulted as users evolve the database.
    6) The Audit History is maintained despite the evolution of the database (schema changes).
    My questions:

    1) Should we stay with the trigger-based Audit Trail?
    2) Should we use Flash/Total Recall to store the archive data?
    3) Should we use Flash/Total Recall to store the archive data and periodically move it to "concrete" tables?
    4) What will happen to the Flash/Total Recall in the event of:
       4a) Schema Changes
       4b) DB Software Updates
       4c) System Events, such as a restore
    In summation, the users research the Audit Trail very frequently and are very familiar with Access/Excel.
    The Audit Trail must persist for many years.

    Any help in developing an overall strategy is greatly appreciated.


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    Who knows whether or not you should be doing something? I suspect you're really asking "Is Flashback a suitable product for our needs?".

    Read up on the documentation for Flashback so you can get a better understanding of it.
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