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    How to convert this relation to 2NF?

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    In my Entity Relationship Diagram, an entity type TEACHER had a relationship of TEACH with another entity type called CLASS. CLASS was a week entity type of TEACHER,so when mapping to a Relational Data Model, I had introduced the Primary Key, named TCode, of TEACHER into CLASS as a Foreign Key.

    Now, the relation named CLASS contains the following attributes: ICode (FK), CDate, CStartTime, CEndTime.

    Primary Key is composite of ICode, CDate, CStartTime.

    Following partial dependency exists here: CStartTime -> CEndTime

    I need some help on how to convert this into 2NF. I have read up and seen examples of customers and shops etc. etc. but I could not map the understanding into my example.

    I'll appreciate if somebody can tell what to do and why?

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    Start with the Marc Rettig Normalization Poster. It will help you understand the process of getting from un-normalized up to 5NF (Fifth Normal Form) if you need to go that far.

    Once you have a normalized design, come back with any questions... The chances of someone at DBForums doing your homework for you are pretty slim, but we'll gladly help by answering specific questions.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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