I would like to use a worksheet to enter all the summary data for the parts that I need to send to the floor. From that data I would then need to generate individual sheets to attach to each different print.
My summary sheet may have 8 lines, it may have 88, and out of those I will have to print 1, some or all.

I have set up the summary sheet and another worksheet to put all of the data into a proper table for excel to work with. I have even set up the form that i need printed with the data.

the data is like this:
Part#, Part Name, Quantity, Detail, etc.
123, flange, 5, 18, ...
234, arm, 1, 20, ...

I can make an input box to have the user enter the start and end lines needed to print.

How do I make a button to send one line to the form and to the printer and loop through all necessary lines.