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    I have windows 7 64 bit and office 2010 prof. I have created the Cards Database with no macros nor vba code in Office XP. Two months ago I updated Office 2010 via Windows update in the Control Panel.

    When I tried opening the I Love Lucy database containing 110 records it first gave me the following message:

    File not found.

    When I press okay it would then give the second message that I have attached.

    I also noticed that when I open the database I notice in my directory two files with the same name but different extensions. One is ILoveLucy.mdb and the other is: ILoveLucy.ldb
    I have well over 20 databases that were created in the Cards database and I get this message with all of them even the backups which were created in 2008. These database do not get updated once created there is no need for updates.

    How do I fix this error. When I open it it will not allow me to select anything on the tabs in order to close Access I have to cntrl + alt+ del and end the process to get out of this loop.

    Please help and give clear and detail explanation in how to repair this. Do you recommend in re-installing Access 2010. I bought via download from microsoft.
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    I've seen that happen on machines that had different versions of MS Office installed. Is it the case here?
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    hard search

    I would go to the folder and dbl-click them to open.

    If you still get the error, it could have linked tables where the path has changed. Relink.

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